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Understanding the Dangers of Asbestos

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Most Australians have heard of asbestos, and how the bygone building material is harmful and should be removed (professionally and carefully) immediately if detected. But what are the true dangers of asbestos, and what should you do if you detect signs of asbestos in your property? This blog aims to inform of the harmful effects asbestos has on our health, while also exploring ways to have it swiftly removed from your home or place of business.

As one of the top Brisbane demolition companies, the team at Gumdale Demolition is fully qualified to remove asbestos from industrial sites. To enquire about our services, call us on (07) 3809 4108 or get a free quote online.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals that have a high resistance to high temperatures and fire. These properties made asbestos a popular choice for insulators, and they were used in a range of building products in Australia from the 1940s to the 1980s. Roofs, pipes, and tiles during this time typically featured asbestos. These products were phased out during the 1980s once the risks of asbestos exposure were revealed, with a full ban occurring in Australia in 2003. Buildings featuring asbestos are still being discovered today, requiring specialised service to remove the material before it causes harm.

What Are the Dangers of Asbestos?

Damage or general wear and tear to materials containing asbestos causes particles to be released into the air. This is when asbestos becomes dangerous, as asbestos particles have a harmful effect on your lungs once they have entered your air supply. The risks of asbestos exposure include developing cancer in the lungs, ovaries, and larynx, with these afflictions typically not becoming apparent until decades after exposure.

Mesothelioma, which is cancer of the lining of the lung, is a deadly disease commonly caused by asbestos exposure, and there is currently no cure. Asbestosis and pleural plaques, which both create scar tissue in the lungs, are other consequences of being exposed to asbestos. Records show that approximately 4000 people lose their lives in Australia each year because of the dangers of asbestos, which is more than double the amount of annual motor vehicle deaths.

What Should I Do if I Discover Asbestos?

If you believe you may have discovered materials containing asbestos, it is important to contact professionals to safely remove the suspected materials before they cause further harm. If you suspect your workplace contains traces of asbestos, you should speak to your employer about the issue immediately and notify them of the dangers of asbestos.

While asbestos is typically safe if the material it is contained within has not been damaged or moved, it is still vital to remove the materials as soon as possible. Rather than removing the materials on your own and potentially putting yourself and other residents at risk, hire the services of a qualified asbestos remover to ensure all traces of asbestos are removed from the building. With the risks of asbestos exposure being so grave, it is a problem that should be resolved immediately.

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With asbestos being a major hazard that affects thousands of Australians each year, it is vital to be aware of the risks of asbestos exposure. At Gumdale Demolition we specialise in industrial asbestos removal services and should be your first point of contact should you detect signs of asbestos in your industrial property. To get started, reach out on (07) 3809 4108 or get a free quote online for your intended project.

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  • Your approach to safety, both in the planning and execution stages were exceptional. You provided all the necessary risk assessments, plant certificates, inspections, procedures, etc in advance, and then you actually followed them and undertook the work in a very measured and safe manner. Your ability to demolish, sort, remove and clean up such a large site in such a short time is remarkable. I look forward to the day we work together again!

    David Bax – Thiess Services
  • Gumdale were professional in their approach to the task at hand, aware of the environment with which they were working, including both the physical location and community expectations, and they brought the project in under budget!

    Rod Melloy – DTMR, Queensland Government
  • Gumdale's well trained and experienced staff are a credit to the company. That, coupled with a very reasonable fee, ensures that we are very comfortable in recommending Gumdale Demolition (QLD) Pty Ltd!

    Tony Barr – JFP Urban Consultants

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