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How Much Does It Cost to Demolish a House?

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With society growing bigger by the day, it is simply not feasible to keep building houses on new land, as eventually we will run out of space to house everyone. That’s where demolition comes in, as removing old houses to place new ones is how we move forward, while still providing people with modern homes. But how much does it cost to demolish a house? That depends on a variety of factors, from the size of the house to the location and the materials that were used in the building’s construction. This blog will discuss these factors to provide an accurate estimate of the cost to demolish a house.

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Factors That Decide the Cost to Demolish a House


Perhaps the most important factor when deciding the cost of your demolition job is the size and scale of the operation. If you are seeking to have your whole house demolished, then the job will understandably be more expensive than if you only want a partial demolition. A partial demolition could include only one room being demolished, or an interior strip out so a home can be remodelled without knocking down the foundations. The size of the home will also factor into the price, with a large two-storey home costing more to work on than a small, one bedroom unit. Some companies will charge $40 for every square meter they work on, emphasising the point that larger houses will cost more.


When asking yourself how much does it cost to demolish a house, it is important to consider where your home is located. If the house you want demolished resides not too far from the demolition company, or is in an easily accessible area, great. But if your property is located quite far from the demolishers and resides in an area that is tricky to access, such as in the bush, the price may increase due to the difficulty of reaching your residence. A demolition job requires heavy equipment, and if that equipment is harder to transport, you can expect higher fees.


The materials that were used in the home’s construction will factor into the price as some materials are harder to dispose of than others. Houses made from brick or concrete require special machinery to be destroyed and will incur a higher cost as a result. The price will traditionally be cheaper if it is made from timber, however, as it is easier to remove and can usually be recycled afterwards, saving you money on disposal costs. On the flipside, if your home was built using hazardous materials, such as asbestos, you can expect to pay much more as jobs that feature asbestos warrant extra safety procedures and precautions to remove the material.

So How Much Does It Cost to Demolish a House?

As mentioned above, there are many factors that go into deciding the cost of a house’s demolition, with each company also charging their own fees and rates. Most jobs will fall into the range of $12,000-$40,000, with smaller, one-bedroom homes being around $20,000. It is important to discuss the price of your job with your chosen demolition company before work commences so you can ensure the total cost of your job falls within your budget.

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At Gumdale Demolition we specialise in house demolition and have been proudly offering our services for over 25 years. We offer professional and affordable services to Queensland homeowners, working hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with the outcome. We are fully insured and licensed to take care of any additional tasks that may occur during the demolition, such as asbestos removal, and strive to be environmentally responsible by salvaging and recycling materials.

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  • Your approach to safety, both in the planning and execution stages were exceptional. You provided all the necessary risk assessments, plant certificates, inspections, procedures, etc in advance, and then you actually followed them and undertook the work in a very measured and safe manner. Your ability to demolish, sort, remove and clean up such a large site in such a short time is remarkable. I look forward to the day we work together again!

    David Bax – Thiess Services
  • Gumdale were professional in their approach to the task at hand, aware of the environment with which they were working, including both the physical location and community expectations, and they brought the project in under budget!

    Rod Melloy – DTMR, Queensland Government
  • Gumdale's well trained and experienced staff are a credit to the company. That, coupled with a very reasonable fee, ensures that we are very comfortable in recommending Gumdale Demolition (QLD) Pty Ltd!

    Tony Barr – JFP Urban Consultants

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